Party Platters & Deliveries Cape Town

Our party platters serves from 8 to 12 people per platter.

Kiddies Platter

12 Mini Boerewors Rolls, 12 Mini Cheese Burgers & 20 Chicken Nuggets served with Tomato Sauce

(R 280)

Meat Supreme Platter

Buffalo Wings, Beef Sosaties, Meatballs, Boerewors Bites, Crumbed Chicken Strips served with delicious Mayo & Mustard Dip

(R 375)

Mini Pita Platter

36 Cocktail Pitas filled with Tangy Chicken & Mayo, Tuna & Mayo, Beef Slices with Gherkins, Cheese & Tomato

(R 295)

BBQ Chicken Platter

BBQ Chicken - 10 Drums, 10 Thighs & 10 Wings served with our delicious Hot or Mild Sweet Chili Sauce

(R 329)

Cheese Platter

1 Brie,1 Camembert,1 Blue Rock, 300g Cheddar & 250g Cottage Cheese served with Bread Sticks, Salty Buscuits & Olives

(R 320)

Savoury Platter

12 Sausage Rolls with Real Beef, 12 Chicken Pies, 12 Quiches, 15 Beef Mince Samosas, 12 Chicken Nuggets served with Sweet Chilli Or Aioli Dip

(R 260)

Rugby Party Platter

150g Biltong Chilli Sticks, 12 Beef Mince Samoosas, 12 Mini Chicken Kebabs, 12 Mini Sausage Rolls & Salticracks served with Mussels & Cream Cheese

(R 375)

Vegetarian Platter

12 Spinach & Feta Pinwheels, 12 Mini Quiches with Butternut & Feta Filling, 12 Vegetable Samoosas, 12 Veggie Balls 12 Cheese & Jalapeno Rissoles served with Sweet Chilli Dip

(R 305)

Sandwich Platter

White & Brown Bread cut into squares Filled With Cheese & Tomato, Tuna & Mayo, Sliced Beef & Cheese, Egg & Mayo

(R 260)

Garden Platter

Bed of Lettuce with Cherry Tomatoes, Gherkin Sticks, Mixed Peppers Sticks, Carrot Sticks, Cucumber Sticks, Celery Sticks & Mushrooms served with Aioli Dip

(R 240)

Sweet Platter

12 Mini Donuts, 12 Koeksisters, 12 Mini Brownies, 12 Mini Cupcakes, 12 Mini Lemingtons & 12 Choc Chip Cookies

(R 240)

Mini Donut Platter

36 Assorted Mini Donuts covered with all types of various delicious toppings

(R 240)

Breakfast Platter

12 Assorted Muffins & 12 Scones served with Butter, Cheddar Cheese & Jam

(R 235)

Fruit Skewer Platter

30 Assorted Seasonal Fruit Skewers served with Sweetened Yoghurt as a Dip

(R 285)

Sushi Platter

Coming Soon - Watch This Space

(R 320)

Sushi Platter

Coming Soon - Watch This Space


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