Spit Braai Catering at its best!

Sliders & Party Platters

Our party platters serves from 8 to 12 people per platter.

Our Starters & Platters are Handmade from scratch. If your plan is not to serve right away it would be a good idea to have a Starter or Platters for your guest to snack on before the main event.

BBQ Chicken Platter

Perfectly Spit Braai Chicken - 10 Drums, 10 Thighs & 10 Wings served with our delicious Hot or Mild Sweet Chilli Sauce

(R 359)

Burger Slider Platter

12 Mini Boerewors Rolls, 12 Mini Cheese Burgers & 20 Chicken Nuggets served with Tomato Sauce

(R 319)

Cheese Platter

1 Brie, 1 Camembert, 1 Blue Rock, 300g Cheddar & 250g Cottage Cheese served with Bread Sticks, Salty Biscuits & Olives

(R 399)

Mini Donut Platter

36 Assorted Light & Soft Mini Donuts freshly made, covered with all types of various delicious & colorful toppings

(R 459)


Freshly Homemade just ready to Serve

Basic Bread Table

 Freshly Baked Assorted Specialty Breads cut into slices served with Jam & Butter, Grated Cheese & Tuna Mayo Spread

(R 15 per Person)

Executive Bread Table

 Assorted Specialty Breads, Salty Biscuits, Mussels & Olives served with 3 Assorted Cheeses & Tuna Mayo Spread & Jam

(R 35 per Person)

Butternut Soup

Beautiful Thick & Creamy Butternut Soup with a hint of Chilli served with Assorted Mini Rolls. Perfect for Winter

(R 20 per Person)

Seekos Potjie

 Rich & Creamy West Coast Style Mussel Potjie cooked to the perfect consistency served with Portuguese Rolls & Butter

(R 28 per Person)


Homemade with lots of love

Malva Pudding

 Freshly Baked Malva Pudding served with your choice of Custard or Ice-Cream

(R 18 per Person)

Chocolate Mud Cake

 Chocolate Cake bake to perfection with sticky chocolate sauce in the middle served with Ice-Cream

(R 18 per Person)

Peppermint Crisp

A Delicious Creamy Peppermint Crisp Tart made just like your ouma did, best served cold.

(R 20 per Person)

Chocolate Brownie

 Delicious Soft Chocolate Delights made with love, served with a generous portion of Ice-Cream

(R 18 per Person)

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