Corporate Catering Lunch Meals & Deliveries Cape Town

For a delicious experience choose your corporate lunch.

Kindly note that our menus start with a minimum of 15 people. Once you decided on a menu kindly click for a quote. We prepare all the food Off-Site & then serve the food Buffet Style at our client’s venue.

Cottage Pie

Served with Veggies & Rice

Chicken & Mushroom Pie

Served with Veggies & Greek Salad

Beef Lasagne

Served with Veggies & Greek Salad

Chicken Schnitzel

Served with Mushroom Sauce & Mash


Served with Rice & Banana Slices

Curry (Mild or Hot)

Served with Rice & Salsa Salad

Tomato Stew

Served with Veggies & Rice

Beef & Gravy

Served with Mash & Green Beans

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